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Building a Better Bloor Dufferin is made up of local residents, businesses, community services agencies, arts companies, and others who have come together out of shared alarm and concern about the proposed sale of local public land for private redevelopment.

The TDSB-owned land at Bloor/Dufferin:

  • has served as an important multi-use community asset for generations of local families,
  • has been paid for by taxpayer dollars already,
  • is one of the last remaining large parcels of public land on the Bloor subway line, and;
  • is located in a community where real estate is too expensive at fair market value for many non-profits,
    arts groups and potential residents.

Last year, 1300 Toronto residents petitioned to ask that the sale of the public land at Bloor/Dufferin take into account the multiple needs of the local community and the area that surrounds it. After a decade of community dialogue regarding future use of these lands, it is now broadly understood in our community that these needs include: a robust community hub; deeply affordable housing; adequate green space; significant reinvestment in Bloor Collegiate Institute; and other tangible community benefits.


With the $121 million sale of this land and the community asset that it represents, the community needs $48.5 million in additional
funds reinvested in the site to help ensure that redevelopment of this public land will include a robust community hub, adequate public green space, affordable housing, and a sufficient rebuild of Bloor Collegiate.


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